Providing optimum customer experience, accurate capacity planning, customer-centric assurance, focused marketing and campaign management etc requires strategic utilization of network data. One sure way we help service providers maximize their revenue potential from call data records, inbound and outbound campaign data and network traffic information is through analytics-driven solutions. These deliver insights on how to offer superior customer experience and make you more intelligent in your day to day interactions with your customers. Our solutions extract greater insights and pinpoints new opportunities for improving lives and growing your business every day.

Churn Management

Octave Analytics makes easy the process of predicting customer churn before it happens through:

  1. Inbound Contact vs Churn Modeling
  2. Dormancy Prediction Model
  3. Churn Forecasting
  4. Product Attrition Modelling

Customer Value Management

Our solutions identify the full potentials of your customers in a bid to maximize their lifetime value​ using these models

  1. Time of Best Impact Model
  2. Telecom Recommender Engine
  3. Value Extraction Model
  4. Early HV Detection Model

Customer Centricity Models

When your customer are treated in the right way, profit is inevitable

  1. Recency, Frequency & Monetary Value Matrix
  2. Customer Profitability Model
  3. Customer Elasticity Model
  4. Customer Experience Indexing

Base Activity Monitors

We provide near realtime monitoring and analysis of base activities to determine your customers’ tendencies

  1. Deep Packet Inspection
  2. Customer Sensitivity Analysis
  3. Multisimming Model
  4. Social Network Analytics
  5. Customer Link Analytics

Market/Customer Segmentations

Our models identify who are your most valuable customers and help to build your business around them​

  1. Lifesytle Segmentation
  2. Sentiment/Sensitivity Analysis
  3. Geo-spatial Predictive Models
  4. Market Share Localization
  5. Value Band Segmentation
  6. Demographics & Behavioural Profiling

Campaign Management Models

​Effective targeting of campaigns using propensity and segmentation for buy/churn is crucial and we know it

  1. Cross seling & Upselling Model
  2. Next Best Offer Modelling
  3. Incremental Response Models
  4. Campaign Optimization Models
  5. Contact & Response Models

Digital Product Marketing Analytics

Octave Analytics solutions detects patterns in usage of digital products and identify opportunities for product developments​

  1. Digital Content Analytics
  2. Product/Offer Mix Analytics
  3. Context Analytical Engine
  4. Survival Data Mining
  5. Simulation of Portfolio Revamp

Sales & Distribution Analytics

S&D is no longer about availability but visibility. Octave provides the requisite visibility for your channels​

  1. Digital Content Analytics
  2. Coverage Analysis
  3. Quality of Actvation Modeling
  4. Location Based Analytics
  5. Neural Networks
  6. Localization of Sales Performance
  7. Demand Analytics
  8. Logistics Regression & Correlations

Network Optimization Models

We provide insights from your network data to optimize network asset utilization and aid capacity planning

  1. Service Assurance Optimization
  2. CEX versus High Value Clustering
  3. Digital Network Transformation
  4. Device Analytics
  5. Capacity Planning Analytics

Brands & Communicaton Models

The effectiveness of your media campaigns is measured through our B&C analytical models

  1. Spontaneous Awareness Models
  2. TOMA Simulation
  3. NPS Segementation
  4. Brand Equity Modeling
  5. Power Score Assessment
  6. Awareness Attribution
  7. Active Gross Point Adv. Rating

Mobile Financial Service Model

​Implementation of insights from our Mobile Money analytics services accelerates your customers’ adoption of MFS services​

  1. Credit Scoring Model
  2. Fraud Detection Model
  3. Mobile Financial Services Risk Matrix
  4. Debt Collection Model
  5. KYC Management
  6. Mobile Money Data Cleansing
  7. Agent Network Manager
  8. Agent Liquidity Model

More Telecom Analytics Offerings

Traditional BI looks backwards at what happened. At octave, we look forward using insights from the past and present to determine the future

  1. Visual Analytics
  2. Data Cleansing for Revenue Assurance
  3. Roaming Analytics
  4. Data Service & Device Analytics
  5. Enterprise Business Modelling
  6. SIM Registration Data Clean-up
  7. Marketing Data Mart Management
  8. Loyalty Score Modeling

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