Big Data is an active career domain today for energetic, talented and creative data scientists and software professionals. The Senior Big Data Engineer Certification by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) will give professionals in the Big Data space a quicker pace in career advancement when compared with their peers. The DASCA-SBDE is the world’s most credible vendor-neutral certification for experienced professional in the Big Data groove.

A DASCA-SBDE can be the most reliable differentiator of your high proficiency and potential for working on the most challenging of Big Data projects and applications development internationally.

The DASCA-SBDE is a step further from the DASCA-ADBE and prepares you to become a Senior Data Scientist.


Once you have registered for the DASCA-SBDE exams, you will be provided with the full DASCA Certification Preparation Kit to enable you study and prepare for the exams. The DASCA Official Exam Preparation Kit for the SDBE consists of the following:

  1. SBDE Book 1: Essentials of Big Data Programming
  2. SBDE Book 2: Advanced Big Data Programming
  3. SBDE Lab Workbook: Big Data Engineering Lab
  4. E-Lab for practicing Big Data Engineers
  5. Online Learning & Preparation Resources


The DASCA-SBDE certification will cover the following areas:

  1. Introduction to Data Science & Big Data
  2. Storing and processing data in Hadoop
  3. Decoding Sqoop and Flume
  4. Yarn, Hive and Pig
  5. Decoding Machine Learning
  6. Big Data Analytics and R
  7. Integrating R and Hadoop
  8. Social Media, Mobile and Big Data Solution Engineering
  9. Big Data tools for Engineers
  10. Essential Python.


The cost of the DASCA-SBDA Certification is $620 (N280,000). Octave Analytics also offers specialized training with internship opportunity for an additional $350 (N150,000) to aid your preparation.