At Octave, we undertake competition analysis (CA) and market research (MR)on behalf of organizations. Our CA activities help organizations to identify their products alternatives as offered by the competition. This service entails evaluating your competitors’ products strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of our own clients’ products or services.

Target relevant customer groups

We offer descriptive data collection services which describes the composition and characteristics of relevant target groups. e.g What is the share of wallet or market share in a given location or what are the physco-demographics of your customer within a given region

Intelligent Surveys

We also conduct surveys to capture customers in-situ rather than in retrospect. We also facilitate self-reports via stores and inbound channel in case the customers themselves reach-out to the company

Satisfaction Surveys & Analysis

We develop quality customer satisfaction survey to track the health of your brand and provide accurate SWOT analysis on competition to understand how to develop marketing and product mixes

Trusted By Top Global Brands

We deliver first class service to all clients, both large and small-scale venture