NATCOM – Formerly known as NITEL outsourced its entire CVM processes to Octave Analytics under a Managed Service Agreement.
Part of the managed service agreement are;

BI Maintenance: Mantaining ETL process for all CDRs generated on the network
Advanced Analytics: Predicting customer behavior such as churn mangement and
Campaign Creation: Create campaigns and manage the campaigns dynamically.
Campaign Execution: Schedule marketing activities and execute campaigns using Emagine campaign workflows.
Measurement & Evaluation: Test campaign control/test groups to simulate and measure incremental revenue performance


The overall objective was to improve the effectiveness of ntel’s customerss base management through BTL engagement. Octave Analytics established end to end CVM practices within NATCOM establishment which included advanced business Intelligence on product performance, customers activities, device analytics, customer base and campaign management. With the help of the CVM programmes, ntel active subscribers (RGS 90) grew by more than 200% between January 2018 to June 2018