Demand Forecast


A key part of recharge card sales and distribution involves demand planning for voice and data seervices at the most granuar level and forecasting when a customer will make the next recharge. In 2017 Octave Aalytics built a Demand Forecast Model for MTN Nigeria using SAS Enterprise Miner.

The objectives of this analytics model are to
1. Predicting whether a customer will demand for recharge voucher or subscribe for data service
2. Forecast what amount of recharge or volume data the subscriber will demand
3. Determine extactly when the customers will make the demand
Visibility into these elements helps to allocate resources optimally, reduce sales and distribution cost significantly and ultimate grow average spend per subscriber by 40%

Dormancy Prediction in-House Training


Telecoms just as any retail business is a game of numbers. The more the subscribers, they more the chances of winning. MTN Nigeria – the biggest Operator in Sub-Saharan Africa contracted Octave Analytics to facilitate in-house training that will require building of Advanced Analytics Model to predict which customer would become dormant. The project objective was to identify MTN subscribers any stage of their lifecycle who are currently active but are likely to become dormant and then create a churn management program to address this. The model ranked each subscriber on the basis of their propensity to go dormant based on the 6-months historical usage behavior on the network.

The Result:


The churn management program applied on the potential customers suceeeded in reducing the monthly churn rate by 18.3%, generating a 19.6% incremental revenue on the cohort of customers in the campaign target group.


Executive Dashboard:

MTN Nigeria operates a Treasury unit that functions as a Strategic Decision Making Business Partner to all other functions. The unit provides Strategic Advices to other business units in the areas of Corporate Finance, Cash & Liquidity Management, Risk Management, Investment & Credit Management.

The Treasury unit faced complex challenges in controlling and streamlining financial processes in order to improve the bottom line. Inadequate visibility into cash positions and daily operational tasks on the part of Treasury managers and the need to make quick business decisions created a need for a dashboard to efficiently manage the returns on cash.

As a result, Octave Analytics proposed the Implementation and Automation of Treasury Dashboard using PowerBI in order to provide the Finance Executives and Unit managers with a unique view of the treasury department’s performance. The dashboard provides the cash position at any given time, investment mix, department mix and payment by source.

The Interactive Treasury Dashboard was a necessary Business Intelligence tool that enabled execs and managers to effectively manage cash, financial risk, credit and facilitate corporate financing decision within MTN Nigeria, saving considerable time and money. The dashboards we created streamlined the work of the Treasury team into focusing on the big picture by providing enormous value as well as a central place to monitor the cash position, risk, credit, payments and investments.