In today’s battle for market share and stringent regulatory oversight, Airtel had limited options. The sales and distribution management structures lacked visibility of key processes, and had limited technical solutions to manage the value chain. The Airtel S&D Division needed to deal with multiple sales force and strategic partners as well as retailers, which makes keeping control of the distribution chain particularly difficult.


Octave Analytics Salesforce Automation App helped Airtel address its sales force deployment decisions for sales items, time-effort allocation and territory/cluster performance management. The analytics models are built into our solution to provide much needed visibility to drive distribution of the salesforce, registration kit, stocks in transit and inventory items. Beyond providing visibility and availability they determine the most cost effective and profitable distribution channels for the inventory stocks. It integrates all the information needed to achieve sales objectives: the field agents daily routes, Salesforce/Registration Kit/Location Performance, the sales and stock levels. It suggests high value actions. It sends alerts on critical tasks. And in its mobile version, it is the perfect companion for all sales visits. All in all, experience shows that such empowering tools can lead up to +15% increase in revenues.