Big Data Engineering & Development is one of the hottest Big Data career options in the 21st Century. The Associate Big Data Engineer by the Data Science Council of America will set apart as unique professionals or students with a view to entering this field. The ABDE by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is the leading vendor-neutral certification for graduates with backgrounds in technology or numeric disciplines.

A DASCA-ABDE will prove your proficiency and potential in developing and engineering Big Data projects and applications and will open up more opportunities for you to explore in the Big Data space.


Once you have registered for the DASCA-ABDE exams, you will be provided with the full DASCA Certification Preparation Kit to enable you study and prepare for the exams. The DASCA Official Exam Preparation Kit for the ABDE consists of the following:

  1. ABDE Book 1: Essentials of Big Data Programming
  2. ABDE Book 2: Advanced Big Data Programming
  3. ABDE Lab Workbook: Big Data Engineering Lab
  4. E-Lab for practicing Big Data Engineers
  5. Online Learning & Preparation Resources


The DASCA-ABDE certification will cover the following areas:

  1. Introduction to Data Science & Big Data:
  2. Storing and processing data in Hadoop:
  3. Decoding Sqoop and Flume:
  4. Yarn, Hive and Pig:
  5. Decoding Machine Learning:
  6. Big Data Analytics and R:
  7. Integrating R and Hadoop:
  8. Social Media, Mobile and Big Data Solution Engineering:
  9. Big Data tools for Engineers:
  10. Essential Python:


The cost of the DASCA-ABDA Certification is $585 (N250,000). Octave Analytics also offers specialized training with data science internship opportunity for an additional $350 (N150,000) to aid your preparation.